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Scanspeed 406G Low Speed Centrifuge, inc Rotor

Scanspeed 406G Low Speed Centrifuge, inc Rotor

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Code 7607514101
Size Benchtop
Brand Scanspeed
Made In
Pack Size Single Item
Colour Appliance White

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Product Overview

General Purpose Centrifuge


The ideal low speed centrifuge for general laboratory applications, including biological sample separations of cellular materials, blood, urine.

Great for simple cell harvest and blood cell seperation.

Complete Sample Flexibility and versatile usage.



Some Great Centrifuge features!

Convenience, ease of operation

  • Intuative display - with easy to follow controls
  • Soft Spin Key - for gentle accelaration and deccelaration
  • Time Controls - for timed or continuous operations
  • Memory - for up to 10 programs

Safety & Durability

  • Triple Layered - (ABS/Steel) door constructions, decreases heat, noise transmission
  • Low Background Noise - Noise minimising air-cooling structure drives efficient air flow and reduces spinning frictions
  • Autoclaveable - and corrosion resistane rotors ensures the safety and long life
  • Robust design with automatic door release
  • Max. 4,000 rpm/2075g, Time setting to 99 min 59 sec or continuous
  • Rapid acceleration and deceleration
  • Automatic RPM/RCF conversion
  • Automatic recognition and alarms for imbalance, over-speed and over-heat
  • Program memory for up to 10 user defined programs
  • Unique air-flow cooling internal design
  • Strong steel layered door with auto-lock function
  • Complete with fixed angle rotor and stainless steel sleeves (6 x 15 ㎖ tubes)
  •  Adaptors available for 3 ㎖ and 5 ㎖ tubes
Max Capacity 6 x 15 ml
Max RPM/RCF 4,000/2,075g
Time Control Timed <100 mins or continuous
RCF/RPM Conversion Yes
Noise Level  < 60dB
 Acc. Time to Max Speed < 20 Sec
 Dec. Time from Max Speed  < 20 Sec 
 Program Memory 10 Programs  
 Imbalance Cutout   Yes
 Safety Lid Lock   Yes
 Lid Drop Protection   Yes
 Automatic Door Release   Yes
 Power Requirement   120VA
 Dimension (W x D x H)   296 x 412 x 206 mm
 Weight   17.5 kg
 CE Mark   Yes
 Power Supply  220V/50~60Hz (110V optional)
 Cat. No. 7,607,514,101
Delivery & Services

Delivery approx. 4 weeks from Date of Order

Warranty: 12 months parts & labour

Standard 240V electrical connection required

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Additional info

Angle rotor, 7,601,111,070

6 x 15 ㎖/15 ㎖ conical

Angle : 45o

Hole diameter (Ф, mm) : 18

Max height for tube fit (mm) : 135 (125 for conical


* This rotor comes with the unit