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Dry-Seal Vacuum Desiccator, 250mm

Dry-Seal Vacuum Desiccator, 250mm

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Brand Wheaton
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Dry-Seal Vacuum Desiccator, 250mm

Wheaton vacuum desiccators come complete with desiccator jar, cover, sleeve valve, silicone sealing ring, and aluminum plate. Place your sample inside the desiccator and apply vacuum to the side arm sleeve valve. The cover of the dessicator jar has a molded arrow on the top for alignment to the open position. Simply turn the sleeve valve to close the desiccator. To open the cover, simply turn sleeve valve to the open position. Once equilibrated, the cover will easily lift off. To prevent freezing and increase performance, lubricating the standard taper sleeve valve with silicone-based vacuum grease is recommended. A 1/4" to 3/8" vacuum hose (not included) is used to connect the desiccator to vacuum or gas sources.


  • Rugged, heavy soda-lime glass
  • Lift off cover for storage above flange
  • Silicone sealing ring for greaseless sealing
  • Maximum vacuum of 27" Hg (914 hPa)
  • Temperature range: 15C to 80C
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