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Magna Flex Microcarrier Spinner Flask, 1000mL

Magna Flex Microcarrier Spinner Flask, 1000mL

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Code 356834
Size 1 Litres
Brand Wheaton
Made In United States
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Magna Flex Microcarrier Spinner Flask, 1000mL

The Wheaton Magna Flex Spinner Flasks feature a flex-type, bulb-shaped glass impeller that rotates from a fixed position above liquid level around an indentation in the base of the flask. Primarily designed for use with microcarrier cultures, this unique stirring system increases stirring efficiency and provides a gentle, even circulation throughout the flask while keeping the beads in suspension. All flasks have been proportioned to provide a head space ratio of 1:1 or greater. A removable stainless steel pin immobilizes the impeller during handling or decanting to prevent damage to cells or microcarriers. Sizes 500 mL and larger can accommodate the Wheaton Vented Cap (Cat. No. W240751).


  • Designed for use with microcarrier cultures
  • Side arms for 500 mL - 6 L flasks allow vented caps which enables the flask to "breathe" while protecting from contamination
  • Gentle, even stirring action
Capacity/Vol (mL) 1000
Type Spinner
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