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E.coli Antisera

E.coli Antisera, Pool C, 3 mL vial

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Brand Staten Serum Institute
Made In Denmark
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E.coli Antisera 

Over the last few decades, a number of new E. coli type pathogens have been identified, e.g. VTEC (verocytotoxin-producing E. coli) and EPEC (enteropathogenic E. coli). This has increased the need for E. coli serotyping, as an important tool in diagnosis, monitoring and testing.


Antisera from SSI Diagnostica are for in vitro use in human, veterinary and food laboratories. All antisera are produced in accordance with internationally recognised methods dating back to the time of Fritz Kauffmann, Ida Ørskov and Frits Ørskov, combined with the knowledge accumulated since then.

All antisera are polyclonal and are produced by immunising rabbits with well-defined reference strains. For antisera, wherever practicable, the reaction is made specific by absorption. All finished products are tested against a large number of strains.


SSI Diagnostica's antisera are high quality, CE-marked (except for the E. coli K antisera) and produced in accordance with DS/EN ISO 13485 and DS/ISO 9001. The shelf life is 4 years from the date of production, and a minimum of 2 years from the date of purchase.

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Delivery approx. 14 days from Date of Order 

Stability: approx. 3-4 years from Date of Production

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Additional info

Typing: E. coli strains that cannot be typed can be sent to the InternationalEscherichia Centre (WHO), 5 Ørestads Boulevard, DK-2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark, for further investigation. Please contact SSI for prices and carriage.

SSI Diagnostica is the only supplier in the world offering all E. coli antisera for full serotyping of O, H and K antigens. Additionally, SSI Diagnostica sells a selection of the most commonly used OK, O and F antisera.

For E. coli, in addition to antisera, SSI produces a number of O latex antisera, a PCR kit for typing diarrhoeagenic E. coli and a selection of the most important bacteriophages. It is also possible to purchase reference strains and a wide range of wild strains.