About Edwards Group

Edwards Group is an Australian family owned supplier of general laboratory consumables, microbiological media, surgical & laboratory instrumentation, and associated products & services. We assist the Life Science, Pathology, Laboratory, Hospital and Health Care sectors through painlessly providing the products they need to run smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

Our Service

Service is the key element in our business, and we thrive to give you a unique experience every time. We know each of our customers have individual needs and their specific situation requires understanding of those circumstances. This is why we think it is important to listen to you in order for us to provide what you need – not what we may think you want.

Our Vision

Our vision is CLEAR.
Commitment – We are dedicated to the service of others.
Leadership – We lead by example.
Efficiency – We are constantly improving.
Adaptability – We listen and nurture positive change.
Responsibility – We are accountable to ourselves, our customers and the wider community.


Edwards Group was founded by Edward Reginald Paulsen in Sydney, Australia in 1961. It was originally named Edwards Labs, to service pathology Laboratories. The company grew quickly and every year we added new products to our range. Now 50 years down the track we supply over 14,000 products to labs all over Australia.

We have built lasting relationships with many suppliers and manufacturers in Europe, North America and Asia and continue to expand our network of trusted suppliers.

Edwards Group continues to be owned and operated today by the Paulsen family.